How to Design the Hover Board of The Future?

Suppose I told you that the Online Think Tank is seeking clever folks, engineers, designers and also skateboarders to aid us radically improve the skateboard of the future? A skateboard, which was completely integrated with the current innovations and one which could fly; a hover board like in Back to the Future II. Well that is exactly what we intend to do and also we are working on the starting stages of the study record today. Yes let is develop a net-centric Skateboard with active RFID chips, it can evade barriers or inbound items as well as likewise be repaired with the latest lidar, radar, stereo finder as well as optical circulation sensing units. Let us make all the elements fully integrated with the skatepark and/or a Video Game, Virtual Reality C.A.V.E. or system or perhaps a full on simulator.


We should make these tricky boards to the children and allow them enjoy? Have them check them out and after that make them also better. I assume I actually enjoyed the movie Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox as well as Biff and also maybe you did too. As well as the skateboards have been an attraction ever before feeling, of course all young kids of my age matured with the very first skateboards. Catamaran’ ing down high roads, doing button back maneuvers as well as it was simply component of being maturing.

In the first board meeting for the record our team determined a number of possible emerging innovations that need to be incorporated into the hoverboard;

  • Just how around a collection of faucet switch manages to install the touchdown equipment, make it a hover board? 3 in the eco-friendly and away they go float board style?
  • Voice Activated Wifi, iPod, VoIP, mobile phone and IM. (currently have surfboards with wifi, cellular phone).
  • Holographic Image display screen task in front of the board so the cyclist can match it while flying via the air to guarantee a perfect maneuver?
  • All run by LED lights which are billing as each bump in the side stroll containers little parts, like a shake-able flash light.
  • We can make the board unnoticeable utilizing MITs brand-new light bending stuff? Change shades?
  • Use Mind Control to send out commands to the hoverboard through (private mind-mapping fMRI sequence generator).
  • The Hover Board/Skate Board/ Wave Rider could be made use of in any kind of gravity displacement as well. Planet, Mars, Moon. The Lunar Board or something? Matching dexterity to human ability, the following step in the evolution of enjoyable!
  • Interactive Virtual Reality and also Augmented Reality living room computer game with skateboard, no concerns when weather misbehaves.
  • Couple it with eLearning efforts; make it fun to learn while riding a skateboard. Discover physics while skate boarding, it is all physics anyway.
  • Interactive skate parks and interior recreational centers of the future.

All this innovation already exists now and also it is only an issue of price, weight and also dimension. Bear in mind Moore’s law for electronic devices and visit to get more information. We are seeing this now with UAVs to MAVs to the size of bugs. It is all manageable only a matter of imagination as well as will, financing and also ROI. In fact, it is all almost below the method I see it. Therefore the journey starts; the skateboard of the future will fly, and also it will fly like nothing else.